martes, 2 de mayo de 2017

How Pokémon Go helps CNCO to get the #1 2016 Latin album in the US?

When Pokémon Go it's trend over all the world Ricardo Chamberlain from Sony Music Latin think that's the perfect opportunity to use this phenomenon to make CMCO debut album the number 1 Latin album in the US.

The big prize would be drive pre-sales of the album and generate a social buzz with a PR-friendly story. So, would it be possible to relate the trend of using this kind of geo-positioning game (Pokémon GO) to CNCO fans around the world on viral way? 

The answer was Landmrk platform, an England software geo-positioning enterprise. The strategy would be dropped a new song from their upcoming album into a geographical location for fans to unlock using a CNCO-branded map on their mobile phones for a limited time each day. In this specific location fans could use Facebook to create a personalized medal with their personal information, location and song.

All this information was collected around the world in a dynamic leaderboard that showed which country fans were the most devoted. Once the total goal of unlocks was reached each day, additional content was available online for everybody.

This campaign/game thrilled the fans and made them interact with the band in an exponential upward curve over the course of the four day campaign. The result was: trending topic on twitter, featured news on press media, debut among the top 10 in 15 countries, including # 1 in Bolivia, Ecuador and Guatemala. Also this album became the # 1 Latin album in the US. in 2016, dominating the Billboard Top Latin Album Chart in the USA. And accumulated more than 1 million streams on Spotify just after its release.

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